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June 11th, 2012 By H&H Real Estate Media in Blog.


The benefits of using me as a Realtor when you are looking to purchase a home


ƒ -One hour meeting to discuss the process of purchasing a home
ƒ- Discussion and explanation of Agency relationships
ƒ -Discussion and a review of the forms used to create working relationship
-ƒ Discussion of the forms used to purchase a home

Pre-buyer counseling and education

ƒ -Discussion of expectation of the buyers, create a list of price terms, style, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage stalls, school district drive times to work recreational needs and wants etc.
-ƒ Discussion of the time frame we are working with, current lease? Present home ownership etc
ƒ -Search options, e-mail, internet, personal in home tours, when? Who will attend?
-ƒ Disclosures: sellers, city inspections, code compliance, Private inspections, furnace certification, wells, septic tanks, oil tanks etc
ƒ -Discuss the necessity of being pre approved by reputable, established lender
ƒ -Discuss the value of home inspections, structure, Radon, lead, etc
ƒ- Who will be signing the loan papers, who will be signing the contracts

Previewing properties

ƒ -I will set up all showings through owners or other listing companies
-ƒ I will explain what to look for in the structure and the mechanical systems, I will review the disclosure documents for properties that have an interest for you
ƒ- I will analyze the value of the homes in the neighborhood and compare the value of homes that you have an interest in purchasing.
ƒ -Discuss touring open houses with and without me the benefits and the pitfalls, what to say and what not to say to other agents or owners

Drafting the purchase agreement

ƒ -Evaluate to price of the home, and structuring the offer with strong points to make your offer the one they will accept contingencies; risks and rewards

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